Tea Tasting Unit


This unit is responsible together with the analytical laboratory for assessing the quality of Ceylon Tea prior to the auction and export.

It's panel of independent tasters also undertakes the evaluating, comparison and the assessment of teas imported into Sri Lanka from other destinations.

The franchise rights for the use of Lion logo awarded to exporters for those products meet not only specific legal requirement for the lion logo scheme but which also should pass the quality test. The unit's imprimatur is essential for any tea, packed or branded anywhere in the world, that carries the Lion Logo.

The unit which also undertakes price ratification of Private sales, Direct Sales, Forward contracts and the issuing of quality certificates for CIS countries. In addition this unit is also involved marketing and public relation functions and on conducting tasting sessions and classes and making aware the art of tea making for local and foreign guests.


The Logo is owned by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and globally trademarked. Lion Logo on your pack of tea is a gurantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka. To ensure what you buy is Ceylon Tea, look for the Lion Logo.

Lion Logo

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